Embrace The Vision

Embrace the Vision

Since 2003, the Barbados Relay Fair has continuously grown hosting over 1200 athletes annually. Participation has been from 23 overseas territories as near as St Vincent and Trinidad to as far and wide as England and Canada.

In 2016, we recognize this maturing event on the sporting calendar and we embrace this time as entry into a secondary growth phase.

An unwavering test of commitment and challenge faces us as we strive continually to offer a high- quality athletic championship with complete representation from all Caribbean islands. We embrace this encounter with a steadfast focus on facilitating development of Olympic-level athletes ever present in our organizational strategies and plans.

Development of gold medal winning performances requires great dedication. Its achievement calls for a solid commitment from this nation Barbados – with a people fuelled by all its pride and industry.

We, the organising committee of the Barbados Relay Fair, are ready to accept this challenge. The question is: Are you, the young athletes, the parents, coaches, school administrators, the business community, local sports administrators and government truly ready to make the commitment?

Whatever category you fall into, your support will be invaluable if our athletes are to jump, leap, putt and run to make it on that elusive and auspicious Olympic podium.

For many years, Barbadians have been unable to sit and spectate live in a local stadium, high-quality regional and international track and field meetings. Such an absence must not plague the future, for it hinders our children’s potential to aspire and to achieve athletic excellence.

When last have we seen the top Jamaican athletes on our soil?

When next will we host a CARIFTA games?

When last have we jumped and screamed as we applaud international athletic action such as a Central American and Caribbean Championship (CAC)?

When will we get to experience the roar and euphoria of thousands captured by a display of top athleticism at the highest level?

The Barbados Relay Fair at this “take over two” is ready, steadfast and focused on entering a second growth cycle with many goals.

Attracting and hosting three top schools from each territory over the next five years is paramount. We therefore foresee attracting 30 regional teams to the country for the 2020 edition of Barbados Relay Fair.

This level of participation would merit the evolution of the Relay Fair in to a two day championship with qualification heats and finals for two days of school athletic rivalry and further be instrumental in facilitating an ultimate show down of regional schools for the title of Regional Relay Champion School.

Imagine this stimulus for sports; as instrument for athletic development; as an entertainment package; and sports tourism product.

Large participating overseas contingents represent a conduit for increased arrival numbers as enthusiastic supporters are lured to Barbados and seek accommodation from the many local offerings.

This will automatically create employment in sectors such as; transport, food and beverage, accommodation and souvenir sales, all having positive economic impact.

The nature of the relay event itself, demonstrates there is strength in unity. This we in the Caribbean have best displayed in our support of the successes of the region’s athletes.

In keeping with the vision for Caribbean unity, we envisage the creation of an athletes’ village in which all teams will be housed so as to not only foster that competitive school rivalry on track but develop the sense of community and shared culture among our student-athletes.

At a time when the education structure has changed for young Barbadians, we see this event as an opportunity to highlight their sporting prowess and create opportunities for the attainment of higher education, simultaneous with further athletic development towards professional performances.

We therefore hope in time, this event will attract overseas university scouts who may be able to offer our young athletes athletic and academic scholarships.

The advancement in technology and good corporate support has enabled fans and family in home territories to view this event live for the first time. This is a highly important aspect, as it affords greater support for athletes and enjoyment of the rivalry by thousands more who are abroad. After all, everybody has a school to support.

Further, it is an opportunity for our committed sponsors to receive invaluable visibility and even greater mileage. Our sponsors, we thank you all.

Ultimately, the principal ambition of the Barbados Relay Fair is to afford schools the opportunity to compete for substantial tangible prizes that can meaningfully improve athletic programmes and facilities in schools.

The Barbados Relay Fair aspires to be a competition which affords schools the chance to win multipurpose gym sets, cardiovascular training equipment-Treadmill or elliptical machine, as well as outfit full teams with track apparel and more.

This event has developed a local reputation and now is the time to aggressively expand to the region and leave a positive legacy in athletics.

The Barbados Relay Fair in this its 13th year is a vibrant reality.

Embrace our dream and be a part of this strategic determination to proudly raise our colourful Caribbean flags on Olympic podiums through the largest regional schools relay competition.